The Ultimate Hotel Booking Guide: 62 Tips that Will Save You Money

The Ultimate Hotel Booking Guide: 62 Tips that Will Save You Money

Are you fed up with paying outrageous amounts for hotel rooms? These 62 industry tips will help you save money on your next trip.

Are you tired of feeling like hotels swallow up your vacation budget?

Do you seem to be able to find great deals?

62 Hotel Industry Gems: Guaranteed to Save You Money on Your Next Trip!


1. Decide what you need. If you only require a room, don’t spend on a fancy reception or room service. If you only need a room, don’t spend 4 stars with 2-star options.

2. Avoid half-board hotels as they are often expensive, and you will be happier cooking your meals.

3. Chain hotels are a great option for families with limited budgets. They often have the same room price regardless of their size.

4. Search for suite hotels: Their rates are lower, and they have better kitchen facilities that will reduce the cost of eating out.

5. Search for smaller hotels and B & B’s. They pay lower taxes so that you will pay less for your hotel room.

6. Lookout for family-run businesses: they care deeply about their reputation, so they are less likely to take your ride.

7. Consider “pod/micro hotel” when planning budget trips or layovers at airports. This compact option is halfway between a hostel and a hotel.

8. Stay out of the city centre and, if you feel the savings are significant enough, rent a car.

9. Don’t dismiss the hotel representatives who meet you at the station/bus. You may discover some hidden gems that are cheaper than the guidebook.

10. Ask your friends for recommendations. Word of mouth is often the best way to find the best value.

11. Get online: social media sites, review websites, and forums are great places to find recommendations, find the best deals, and learn about real-life experiences.


12. Use price comparison websites for the best online deals.

13. Seek 3 for 2 Night Deals Advertised in the Press/Online

14. Stay in a hotel for business during peak (Summer and weekend weekends) to get a room at a fraction of the normal price.

15. Ask your hotel for updates on deals and discounts as they become available.

16. Last-minute bookings are possible. You may be eligible for up to 50% savings

17. Don’t overlook package deals. All-in flights and hotel arrangements can still help you save money.

18. Shop around. Compare prices from at least five sources, and don’t accept the first offer.


19. Search for a great deal online and call the hotel to ask them to match it. It’s better to have them do it directly and reduce their commission to the agent (can go up to 30%).

20. Search online for discount coupons to help you save money while booking online.

21. Don’t be afraid to bargain in the low season. Tell the hotel your upper limit, and they may match it.

22. Ask for a discount when you pay cash. This is again preferable for the hotel, which avoids paying commission to credit card companies.

23. Mix business and pleasure: see what deals you can get for hotels where you’ve organized conferences/meetings/business trips.

24. Ask about discounts for travelling in groups. You’re purchasing in bulk, so you should get a lower rate.

25. Ask for a discount on longer stays: Stay for more than 3 nights, and you are entitled to a special price reduction.

26. Get an International Hostel Card. This card is a smart move for long-term travellers. It will pay off in less than a week.

27. Get an ISIC Card for students under 26 and teachers to get amazing discounts at hotels and attractions around the globe.

28. Ask about standing discounts to the armed forces/professional organizations – you don’t want to miss out on any perks that are yours!


29. Check out shows and large-scale events in the area. The rates will go up, so it’s a good idea to change your dates.

30. Traveling mid-week will be less expensive if you don’t go on a weekend.

31. A room can hold more people: a double with two extra beds will be less expensive than a double.

32: Research room rates: Twins or showers might be less expensive, but you won’t find out if you don’t ask.

33. Choose a shared bathroom. Many hotels don’t have the luxury of sharing bathrooms, so ask. A bathroom shared with others will result in significant savings on your room.

34. If you are looking for the cheapest room in your area, say. This is exactly what you’ll get.

35. Check the room rates for each night and change hotels mid-way to save if you can.

36. You can check the room rate after you make a booking. You can call the hotel to let them know if it drops. They won’t call back to inform you.

37. Avoid using room-finding websites when you book on the road. They charge fees and only offer expensive rooms.

38. Check the cancellation policy of your hotel. You will be charged if you cancel after you have given them notice.

39. Reconfirm your booking at least 2 days before. Mistakes can lead to high-end services that could end up costing you a lot of money.


40. Ask about additional charges. It’s helpful to know what you are paying.

41. You can opt out of breakfast if it is optional. Hotel breakfasts are rarely worth the price

42. Don’t pay hotel parking charges. Park on the street or in a garage nearby.

43. Don’t pay for Wi-Fi. Stay somewhere else and surf free of charge.

44. Don’t pay for laundry. Take your clothes to the Laundromat, or wash them by hand in the sink.

45. Pretend that the mini-bar isn’t there!

46. Don’t exchange money in hotels.

47. Don’t buy souvenirs in hotel gift shops.

48. It’s cheaper to travel with a partner than fly solo.


49: Join the hotel loyalty programs to receive special treatment, free nights, upgrades, and other perks!

50: Stay with the same hotel chain to save money.

51. Check back later to request an upgrade. Your chances of getting it will be higher later in the day.

52. Broadcast special events: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements – these are all great reasons for you to be upgraded and treated like VIPs.

53. If you aren’t satisfied, let me know. Good hotels will try to make you happy.

54 Get to know the staff. They’re more likely to waive charges and give away freebies.

55. If you bring a substantial hotel business, ask for something in return. Don’t be afraid!


56: Save on your night’s lodging by travelling overnight

57 – Rent a villa for large families or groups.

58). Do a house swap and live in comfort while paying nothing!

59 Camp is unsuitable for inner-city stay, but these reputable, well-run campgrounds are great for budget-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

60) WWOOF It! Willing Workers on Organic Farms provide full board and lodging for a full day’s work in many countries around the globe.

61 Couch-surf is a growing trend. You can find a couch and stay free of charge, making new friends around the globe.

62: Look up old acquaintances and try to get a room for yourself.

Phew! These are 62 incredible tips that will save you money on your next vacation.