Do you prefer to sleep or be scared? Six of the most haunted hotels in the world

Do you prefer to sleep or be scared? Six of the most haunted hotels in the world

Book a stay in one of these haunted hotels if you want to share a room with a restless poltergeist. There, unexplained phenomena go hand-in-hand with extraordinary amenities.

1. The First World Hotel, Genting Highlands (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumpur is the place to go if you want to gamble with the living. The First World Hotel offers a variety of services. It is located on the top of Malaysia’s Titiwangsa Mountains, boasting a tropical rainforest and a theme park. But its most intriguing attraction is its paranormal activity.

According to reports, some guests to the biggest hotel globally have insomnia due to the poltergeists who haunt the 7,351 rooms. These ghostly night-walkers are high-rolling gamblers who lost large sums at the resort’s 24/7 casino.

2. Hotel Burchianti – Florence, Italy

Fly to Florence, and spend the night at Hotel Burchianti (an ex-hangout from Benito Mussolini’s 1930s), one of Florence’s most haunting spots.

According to guests, they have seen a ghostly old woman knitting in a lobby seat and a maid who wakes up at the crack of dawn cleaning the rooms. The Fresco Room is where the most frightening scares are found. An unsettling presence overpowers a beautifully decorated ceiling. Fearless travellers who spent the night in this majestic crypt described feeling like they were being watched and having their faces licked by an icy breath. However, the hotel’s many close encounters have not affected glowing reviews.

3. The Russell Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Are you looking for the ideal place to rest after a long-haul flight from Sydney to Australia? The Russell Hotel in Sydney is the perfect place to rest after a long-haul flight. The hotel is located in Sydney’s oldest neighbourhood, The Rocks. It was once frequented by rowdy seafarers looking for somewhere to rest their heads. Later, it was used as a temporary hospital during the bubonic plague outbreak in the early 1900s. Although the Russell Hotel is now a boutique hotel, its ghosts are still present today. There are stories about a ghostly sailor who resides in Room 8 and watches over his lodgers.

4. The Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco, California, USA

This charming B&B in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights district was originally known as Miss Mary Lake’s Girls School For Girls. The ghost of the strict headmistress haunts the hotel. Despite being forced to sell the school, she is still roaming the Victorian-style hotel. Book room 410, Miss Mary Lake’s former quarters, to enjoy a first-class spirit experience at Queen Anne. She’ll be happy to fluff your pillows and tuck you in at bedtime.

5. The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac – Quebec City, Canada

This hotel, the heart of Quebec’s historic old town, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a rich history. The hotel is named after Louis de Buade de Frontenac (17th-century governor of New France), who was also the governor who died in Quebec in 1698. Visitors to The Chateau Frontenac can still spot the governor walking around the hotel grounds and halls more than three hundred years after death.

6. The Stanley Hotel, Colorado, USA

Do you dream of becoming a ghost hunter yourself? Fly to Denver to visit the Stanley Hotel. The Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for the bestseller “The Shining”, is fully committed to its frightening reputation. They invite guests on ghost hunts lasting five hours and late-night walks through the hotel’s grounds. Be aware of the young, playful girls who roam the fourth floor if you prefer exploring alone. You can always go downstairs to the ballroom for a loud jamboree if their constant play gets too annoying. Don’t be surprised to discover that it’s a ghosts party.